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Condensate Tabs

ACT is an exciting new product that prevents and eliminates most blocked condensate drain lines due to build-up of scale, rust, air-borne dust, silt, slime and sludge. ACT Aids in the prevention of bacterial build up in condensate pans and combats stale water odors. ACT helps prevent condensate drain back-up damage.

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DUST B GONE is a USDA authorized product which is a blend of environmentally safe ingredients packaged at high pressure to offer a quick method of removing dust, paper chips, staples, paper clips and other foreign material. Just point the nozzle towards area to be cleaned and spray. The strong blast quickly cleans most surfaces .Use wherever screen cleaner or body cleaner cannot be applied, especially recessed areas. Can also be used as a film duster.

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Oil Only Absorbant

ENVIRO-SORB is a 100% organic and environmentally friendly oil only absorbent that makes cleaning up oil spills both easy and economical. Since ENVIRO-SORB only absorbs oil, it can be used to prevent oil spills from contaminating storm drains and other sensitive areas. Because ENVIRO-SORB absorbs 14 times more volume than clay and incinerates to less than 5% ash residue by weight, it becomes the most economical choice for oil spills.

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A sacrificial graffiti protection barrier. It applies crystal clear on nearly any non-porous surface to provide a protective barrier against graffiti. When the surface gets tagged, simply peel away the barrier and the graffiti along with it, and apply a new coating.  Not intended for use where rain may degrade the barrier.

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Pellet De-Icer

GREEN FIRE granular ice melter dissolves snow and ice in temperatures below 0°F. It is safe to use on concrete or asphalt, and is enhanced with a green color to prevent over application and waste. Plus, it is non-caustic to skin, so it can be applied by hand.

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ICE MACHINE CLEANER removes lime scale from ice making equipment quickly. Works safely on stainless steel, contains NO chlorine or chlorides and does not give off harsh fumes. Authorized for use by the USDA in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Ice Machine cleaner improves ice capacity and quality by removing built-up scale that causes ice to stick to mechanisms and can cause jamming. Works great on ice making equipment, coffee brewers and humidifiers.

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KLEEN SCREEN is a water base aerosol designed to clean, polish and protect computer screens. An effective product that also cleans all glass surfaces, plastic, chrome, porcelain and painted surfaces. Contains no abrasives. Reduces static electricity. Removes and repels dust, finger prints, oil and other marks on CRT screens. A clean CRT screen reduces eye strain and provides for more accurate reading.

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LIQUEFIRE is an environmentally responsible solution to help fight a winter storm before it arrives. When you apply it to sidewalks, steps, ramps and traffic areas before a storm, it will prevent the bonding of snow and ice to the surface. This means a fast and effective clean-up after the storm. It can also be used on metals such as fire walks, fire escapes and ladders used to access electrical, communication, and other similar equipment that need to be maintained during the winter. It reduces the overall cleaning costs due to the use of granular ice melt. It is tested and proven to be effective to -25°F. This formula is ready to use–DO NOT MIX WITH WATER.

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Quick Setting
Concrete Patch

QUICK SETTING CONCRETE PATCH is designed to set up in 15 minutes and can be open to traffic in 45 minutes. It produces a chemical-action concrete that is tougher and longer lasting than ordinary Portland cement or gypsum. QUICK SETTING CONCRETE PATCH contracts less than ordinary concrete so that under the sun’s drying effect patches will not pull away. Even under continuous water soaking .it will remain tight, and can be used indoors or outdoor to fill shallow or deep holes.

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These extra strong (8 mil thick), extra long (12") medical grade nitrile gloves offer exceptional resistance to rips and tears. This nitrile glove is an excellent choice for medical professionals in high risk environments featuring possible exposure to blood borne pathogens like those faced by EMTs. They also protect the wrists and lower forearms better with their extended length. Free from latex proteins and powders that could leave residue in paints or other fine finishes.

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2 sizes (L-XL)
50 gloves per box, 10 boxes per case
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PURE EZ ASPHALT RELEASE AGENT is an asphalt release agent that provides a thin, heat-resistant molecular film to keep asphalt from sticking to dump beds, rollers, spreaders, rakes, shovels and other surfaces. Will not degrade asphalt quality.

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Roof Patch and
Leak Sealer

SEAL UP is our new Roof Patch and Leak Sealer. SEAL UP is effective on asphalt, tile, slate, felt, wood, metal and most all other roofing materials. SEAL UP is designed for use on drip edges, overlapping seams, flashing, gutters and downspouts, shingles, rolled roofing and one-ply rubberized systems. SEAL UP is a great emergency roof patch because it can be used on wet or dry surfaces and can be built up to seal most patching needs. SEAL UP is a durable coating that stays flexible in variable weather conditions. Easily portable and is a convenient aerosol that eliminates messy clean up and waste.

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ARCTIC GEL is a heat sink especially designed for brazing. Arctic Gel protects valves, controls and surrounding areas from heat damage. Simply spray on surrounding areas or completely encircle copper tubing to prevent heat transfer. Clear gel stays where sprayed then evaporates. Non-toxic, odorless, will not harm skin.


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Duraflex is a portable, durable, easy to use thick coating designed to produce an asphalt blended rubberized coating to seal out moisture from nearly any surface. Duraflex seals and acoustically reduces unwanted vibration and sound. Protects surfaces from saltwater, sand and chemicals. Duraflex is effective on wood, metal, concrete and more. Duraflex stays pliable in winter cold and will not sag in the summer heat. Resists cracking and peeling.

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