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DEFENSE EF is a USDA authorized metal parts protector. Quickly coats metal parts, castings, winches, pulleys, tools, dies, pipe threads, hoists, jigs and riggings. Gives indefinite indoor protection and long-lasting outdoor protection. Transparent amber color is easily seen through while showing its application. Sets up to a hard yet flexible coating in 2 hours. To remove, use kerosene or mineral spirits. Weldable and paintable. Does not contain chlorinated or fluorinated solvents.

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CEIL IT is a unique clay based restoring system for acoustic ceiling tiles. Permanently bonds to the surface being restored without compromising acoustical sound absorption or fire retardant value. Covers water stains, smoke and fire damage, graffiti, paint, ballpoint ink, permanent marker and rusting nail heads, avoiding the need for costly replacement. Leaves a clean, white coating that adds years to tile life. Also works as a non-bleeding primer/sealer for sign painters, a non-grain-raising primer for new wood, a base coat for wallpaper or vinyl wall coverings and as a base coat for galvanized metal.

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CONVECTOR PAN SEALANT is a rubberized flexible coating that is impervious to water and will seal out rust and corrosion in your condensation pans while reducing unwanted vibration and sound in your air conditioning systems. OTHER USES: Reduces squeaks and noise of ducts, metal walls, metal sinks, plastic piping, and seals tree-pruning wounds, seals electrical junction boxes from dust, water and fumes.

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A sacrificial graffiti protection barrier. It applies crystal clear on nearly any non-porous surface to provide a protective barrier against graffiti. When the surface gets tagged, simply peel away the barrier and the graffiti along with it, and apply a new coating. Not intended for use where rain may degrade the barrier.

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MRO High Solids
Industrial Coating
Gloss White

This is a high solid industrial coating with a low solvent, maximum quality and performance formulation. It has single coat hiding power, and saves time and money. One 20oz size can (16oz net wt.) covers the equivalent of four economy brand low solids, 16oz size cans. MRO paints were tested best in corrosion protection against the competition by an independent laboratory. They have outstanding hardness and durability, and resist abrasion and heat.
GLOSS BLACK 0-T93002   FLAT BLACK 0-T93003

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Cold Pipe

SURROUND is a spray on coating designed to prevent condensation on cold water pipes, refrigeration lines and coils, condensers, valves and valve fittings. SURROUND insulates and prevents moisture build up on water tanks, ice machines and duct work.

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QUICK-ZINC is a high quality, high solids, heavy duty zinc coating designed to give superior corrosion protection. Prevents rust by galvanic action, dries to a flexible coating that bends without chipping. Can be used as a protective final coating or primer wherever iron or steel will be exposed to atmospheric or corrosive conditions.

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RESTORE Rust Converter
and Protective Coating

RESTORE is a rust converter and protective coating that performs two operations at one time. First, rust is converted from iron oxide to ferrous oxide, a black organic complex. Then, a clear acrylic coating is formed. The surface can be left as is or painted over using latex or oil based paint. The coating formed by the product is sufficient to last for years without painting. Can virtually be used on all rusted surfaces. Apply this ready-to-use product with a brush or swab.

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REVIVE Rust Converter Spray is the quick and convenient way to treat rusted surfaces. This product chemically converts the rust to an inert black polymer based coating that prevents future rust from forming. Eliminates the need for brushing, sandblasting or scraping before painting rusted surfaces. Once treated, surface may be left unpainted or may be painted for improved appearance and protection. May be used on all rusted surfaces. Convenient spray can allows for quick, mess-free application. Combines a unique fast drying carrier with special rust converting agents and a strong polymeric coating.


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Roof Patch and
Leak Sealer

SEAL UP is our new Roof Patch and Leak Sealer. SEAL UP is effective on asphalt, tile, slate, felt, wood, metal and most all other roofing materials. SEAL UP is designed for use on drip edges, overlapping seams, flashing, gutters and downspouts, shingles, rolled roofing and one-ply rubberized systems. SEAL UP is a great emergency roof patch because it can be used on wet or dry surfaces and can be built up to seal most patching needs. SEAL UP is a durable coating that stays flexible in variable weather conditions. Easily portable and is a convenient aerosol that eliminates messy clean up and waste.

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WEATHER GUARD provides absolute protection for the elements. Weather Guard forms a protective dielectric seal on all electrical connections. This product keeps out water (even submerged), dust and foreign elements. Weather Guard can be applied to any surface to provide a waterproof, flexible permanent crystal clear rubber film. Once applied, the area becomes impervious to humidity, dirt, salt and fungus.

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ROOF PATCH is a multi-purpose continuous coating instant leak sealer that can be applied to any surface to provide a waterproof flexible continuous rubber coating that will stop leaks and act as a barrier against moisture, rust, and corrosion.  Once applied, area becomes impervious to humidity, mold and fungus.  ROOF PATCH is fast drying and will not crack or peel.

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